Talent Consulting

Additional talent consulting services are offered by a sister company, Talent Consulting, Inc. (TCI)

Executive Talent Assessments

Talent Consulting, Inc. (TCI) has a unique process to determine if you have the ‘best in market” talent. Through executive interviews, psychometric testing, and 360° feedback, TCI will provide a talent assessment of the strength of your executive team.

Talent Acquisition Strategy/Processes

Talent Consulting, Inc. (TCI) helps companies establish disciplined talent acquisition processes to make more effective hires, more quickly, and more economically. TCI will help develop competency/skills identification, process improvements, and standardized procedures.

Making sure you have the right talent determines success and failure in the business world. Defining talent needs, assessing talent, and taking action is critical. Talent Consulting, Inc. has helped blue chip companies like Coca-Cola, Alcoa, and Miller Brewing develop world-class talent programs. Great talent produces great results.- Tom Fischgrund